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    PAS 43 - Safe Working of Vehicle Breakdown & Recovery Operators  

What is PAS 43 : 2002


PAS 43 is the publicly available management system specification for the safe working of vehicle breakdown and recovery operators. Sponsored by SURVIVE (Safe Use of Roadside Verges in Vehicular Emergencies) the purpose of the group is to improve the safety of breakdown operatives, employees and customers at breakdown and recovery situations

Parmar services believes that the PAS 43 specification, is a practical management system that can promote and assist a company to achieve, 'Safe Working Practices' with regard to equipment, vehicles and the training of staff against current Health & Safety legislation; as well as enabling a recovery operator to demonstrate 'Due Diligence' with regards to the many and varied roadside activities.

Parmar services has a practical hands on approach to vehicle and systems appraisal, and as appreciated by their current customer base, the process of PAS 43 Certification is achieved by positive assessment with the customer in the form of a business 'Health Check', enabling proactive discussion & debate regarding a company's suitable interpretation of the PAS 43 specification & how the process can add value and protection to a business.

PAS 43 is a Publicly Available Specification. Its aim is to improve the safety of all people present during the recovery of vehicles following an accident or breakdown. It was instigated by SURVIVE, a partnership between the Police Service and the motoring sector.

The specification addresses many issues that affect the safety of personnel and the way they work. Vehicles and equipment, personal safety and clothing, technicians, premises and operating procedures are but some of the topics specified within PAS 43.
      We can offer 2 levels of PAS 43 accreditation to the Industry, to suit a customer's requirements, as follows:
  • PAS 43 UKAS Accredited System which combines the company's current ISO9001:2000 system or;
  • PAS 43 UKAS Inspection System, which is an individual certificate covering the vehicles audited as part of the Inspection Exercise
      The Benefits of implementing PAS 43 and obtaining certification
  •  Registration to PAS 43 by an accredited certification body shows commitment to quality, training and safety.
  •  It demonstrates the existence of an effective management system that satisfies the rigors of an independent, external audit.
  •  An ISO 9001/PAS 43 certificates enhances company image in the eyes of customers, employees and shareholders.
  • It also gives a competitive edge to an organization’s marketing
       HOW do you start to implement PAS 43? What is involved?
  •  Identify the requirements of PAS 43 and how they apply to your business.
  •  Establish how you will address the requirements.
  • Ensure working practices adhere to the processes you have chosen to conform to PAS 43.
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