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    SA 8000 - Social Accountability  

SA 8000 (Social Accountability 8000) is the first international certification on social responsibility. Its main objective is to guarantee workers' rights; in such a way that everyone involved wins: companies, workers, trade unions, government.

Parmar services are one of the leading SA 8000 compliance and certification consultants in India with clients in India.

The standard Requirements SA8000 was launched in 1997 by CEPAA - Council on Economics Priorities Accreditation Agency, an NGO, later renamed to SAI - Social Accountability
International. Social Accountability 8000 (SA 8000) is the first global standard for corporate social responsibility.

SA 8000 is based on both international human rights´ conventions (International Labor Organization, the International Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) and satisfying relevant local legislation. It aims to guarantee basic rights of workers involved in the production processes.

SA 8000 Standard is composed the following requirements:
  • Child labor is not permitted
  • Forced labor is not permitted
  • Health and safety have to be assured
  • Freedom to organize and collective bargaining have to be guaranteed
  • Discrimination is not permitted
  • Disciplinary practices are not permitted
  • Working hours shall not exceed 48 hrs a week, with a maximum of 12 hrs overtime
  • Remuneration shall be sufficient
     Benefits of SA 8000

SA 8000 compliance proves organizations commitment to social accountability and to treating its employees ethically and in compliance with global standards. At the same time, this certification can improve the management and performance of supply chain. SA 8000 allows organizations to ensure compliance with global standards and reduce the risk of malpractice, public exposure and possible litigation. Demonstrating commitment to social accountability can support corporate vision and build and reinforce the loyalty of your employees, customers and stakeholders, which in turn impacts your bottom line.

     Benefits of SA 8000 are:
Along with humane workplaces, the implementation of SA 8000 offers more benefits to workers, companies and others:
     Benefits for Workers, Trade Unions and NGOs
  • Enhanced opportunities to organize trade unions and bargain collectively
  • A tool to educate workers about core labor rights
  • Another opportunity to work directly with business on labor rights issues
  • Public awareness of companies committed to assuring humane working conditions
     Benefits for business:-
  • Putting company values into action
  • Enhancing company and brand reputation
  • Improving employee recruitment, retention and performance
  • Better supply chain management and performance
     Benefits for Consumers and Investors:-
  • Clear and credible assurance for ethical purchasing decisions
  • Identification of products made ethically and companies committed to ethical sourcing
  • Broad coverage of product categories and production geography.
     Benefits of SA 8000 to manufacturers and suppliers
  • Marketing advantage – more demand and value for goods from socially.
  • Responsible manufacturers/suppliers.
  • Enhancement of company’s productivity.
  • Compliance to the laws of the land
  • Improvement of relationship with the Govt., NGOs, trade unions.
  • Better image and position in labor market.
     Benefits for the retailers
  • Cost reduction in monitoring
  • Better corporate image.
  • Increased value for the products.
  • Trust building with the analysts and investors when evaluated against social performance
     SA 8000 Implementation

We offer to our clients our effective and well devised consultancy services for meeting the social compliances. Our team of experts assists our clients in devising strategies for overcoming the obstacles for achieving the SA 8000 certification standard. Some of the common requirements for achieving these SA 8000 certification needs are:

  • Prevention of child labor
  • Prevention of discrimination
  • Freedom of association and right
     SA 8000 Mission
  • Improve working conditions globally; promote respect for worker’s rights
  • Provide universal standard in all business and country sectors
  • Work in partnership with human rights and labor organizations worldwide
  • Provide an incentive which benefits the business and consumer community though a “win” approach
  • Is senior management led?
  • Be focused on continuous improvement
  • Be focused on prevention rather than reaction
  • Be supportive of workers’ rights and workers participation
  • Be compliant with local laws/codes
  • Be proactive in promoting ethical sourcing
  • Be systematic in addressing problems-Cars Process
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