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    Why Us  

We are a friendly and approachable business with over 12 years experience in management systems; and are experienced over a wide range of industries and business sectors.

Our aim is to implement simple, paperless and practical management systems that suit your business needs .We will help you create a simple and operational management system plus all the necessary documentation and procedures required, adapting them to your current business processes where possible.

Parmar services are one of the largest ISO and management consulting organizations. Our mission and purpose is to help organizations achieve business excellence through the rational development and improvement of the business system. The in-depth experience of our progressive staff and our innovative approach to ISO training, business process improvement, Management System implementation, and organizational development is reflected in our broad array of services. We are committed to providing the highest quality, custom tailored, and affordable training and consulting services to help organization along the road to organizational excellence.


   What we are offer:  
  • Personal involvement & commitment from first day

  • Optimum charges

  • Professional approach

  • Hard work and update the knowledge of team members

  • We provide value for money to our customers

  • 100 % return to customer for what he spent in our products

  • Our best rates rather than other industry rate

  • Value-Adding Assessments by highly qualified consultant with hands-on experience in all business sectors

  • Analysis of  your Management System’s effectiveness
  • Focused on Economic Benefits and Customer Needs

  • Identification of Improvement Potential of your    Organization

  • Certification of Integrated Management Systems

  • Customized Assessment Projects

  • Integrity of system maintained by objective approval

  • Gaining market image

  • Reduction in customer complaints

  • Cost effective

  • Improved internal operations & systems

  • With 100% successful and timely ISO certificates
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